Hervé Isle de Beauchaine designer HISLE - Fabricant luminaires  Lyon - France

The designer, Hervé Isle de Beauchaine

If the HISLE brand has been innovating for the past 30 years it is mostly thanks to the strong trust we have acquired over the years with our suppliers and distributors. Through them, we are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, in pace with the evolution of energy-saving regulations and attentive to the expectations of our professional and private clientele. HISLE is able to innovate by adapting to demand, maintaining a control over the manufacture and is supported by a strong network of domestic and international distributors... all these factors guarantee the reliability and quality of our service. More importantly, they ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

"I am continuing the trend of making exceptional light forms from elements originally designed to be functional. The Singulars emphasize the beauty of forms and give a second life to lost or forgotten materials." Hervé Isle De Beauchaine.

Exceptional luminaires designed by HISLE

Luminaires of exception

«I would consider myself to be more a constructor of light forms than a lighting specialist. I build objects for public spaces that enhance, unveil and create a particular atmosphere, all unique in their own way. I recreate the space chosen for the light source, respecting its character, personality and spirit. I observe, experiment and bring life to desirable luminous objects.» Hervé Isle de Beauchaine.


Exceptional luminaires designed by HISLE

The realisations

Professionnels and particulars, we can study your lighting projects. Strong of our experience and our know-how, we are able to offer luminaires that answer the requirements and the needs of our customers, in terms of materials, dimension or design and in compliance with the specification. They already trust us : La Maison Dellos Moscou-Paris, la Ville de Lyon, le Festival Lumière de Lyon, le Mobilier National, Les Parcs Nationaux de Porquerolles et Port-Cros, La Réserve à Ramatuelle, le Théâtre de l'Odéon à Paris, Pierre Chaduc architecte pour la Brasserie Georges à Lyon, Tatoï Club à Athènes, le restaurant Les Cèdres à Grange les Beaumont, Grand Hôtel Villa Cora Florence Italie, le Casino d’Evian, l'Hôtel Le Couvent des Minimes à Mane en Provence, Restaurant Le Lao Tseu Paris, Restaurant Manon New York , Hôtel Relais & Châteaux Saint James Bordeaux, Tiamo Resort aux Bahamas, Hôtel Verdura Golf Resort en Sicile, Nussli Events Suisse, Shortcut Events Paris...